Jefferson City, Tennessee

Jefferson City

Are you moving to Dandridge or Jefferson City, Tennessee?

Whether you are planning on renting a self storage unit when you move or not, here are some tips that will make your move easier.

 Moving can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be.


Planning ahead will save you time, stress, and possibly money.  To get started, create a folder to keep all of your information regarding your move in one place.  This could include an inventory list, a list of your movers, phone numbers, etc. Keep all of your receipts in this folder along with a note pad to jot down things that you think of along the way.  Also, think about the time that you have before your move date.  Planning in advance gives you time to get some volunteer help from your family and friends.


Making sure you have a budget set for your move will also be important.  Will you be hiring a moving service? Using a moving service will be a little more costly but some say it is worth it.  If you are hiring a moving service, make sure to have an agreement in writing beforehand with a set price.  Would you consider moving yourself?  Renting a moving truck will still be an expense. Just make sure you rent the right size truck for your move.  Don’t get more than you need or one that is not big enough.


Now is the time to clarify your priorities.  Make a list to follow. Once you know you are moving start making a list of things to do.  You might even start with “spring cleaning” to put things where they go and get rid of those things that you no longer need.  Decide how you want your belongings organized to pack and to unpack. The kids toys may be in the living room right now, but is that where you want them delivered in the new house?  When you think of something that needs to be completed go ahead and write it down on your list.  You may want to note the stuff that should be moved to your storage unit.  LINK


Time to get rid of that stuff that you don’t use and don’t need!  It may be hard to get rid of some of your belongings, however that will be things that you do not have to pack up and move. The rule of thumb here is that if you haven’t used it or needed it in the last six months, get rid of it!  Make sure you plan enough time to have a yard sale or take items to your local charity.  There may be a company in your area that will pick up the donated items from your house.  If it is getting close to moving time, you will also want to use up your stockpiled items in your kitchen and other areas of the house.  Go ahead and use up what you have that way you don’t have to pack and move these items.  Better yet, give these items to your friends that help you move!

self storage unit dandridge TNPacking

Here comes the fun part!  Packing your items.  Have all of your supplies together and this will help with keeping your stress level down.  Boxes, tape, sharpie and an inventory list will be a few items needed.  When packing your items, think about the rooms that the boxes will need to be delivered too.  You don’t want your kitchen boxes delivered to the baby’s room so make sure you write on each box along with keeping an inventory of what is in each box. Pack like items with like items and don’t over pack making the boxes heavier than what they need to be.  You wouldn’t want to pack a large box with books. This would be way too heavy!  Also, think about the items that you will need right away.  You might want to keep this box with you or have it to be the last item on the moving truck and the first item off the truck.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a “survival” box with you in your car.  Maybe some coffee, coffee cups, phone charger, etc. for the morning of your 1st day in your new place!

Memberships and Services

Contact your utility providers and service providers to discontinue service or transfer service.  Make this part of your organization list once you know you are moving that way you can list your bills and subscriptions that come in and not miss any of those companies that you will need to change your mailing address with.  Also, you will need to contact those utility companies in your new location.  It may take a few days or even up to three weeks to get everything in order so planning prior to your arrival will alleviate some of that hassle.

Allow an Overlap if Possible

If at all possible plan an overlap in your rental agreement or purchase agreement. This will allow you time to clean and fix anything that is needed in your new home along with your old home.  If you have a few days to move yourself or a few days for a moving service it will also relieve some of the anxiety.  For example, you could move some things to your new place while still having a place to sleep in your old place.  And this could give you the time needed to give those volunteer family and friends the time they need to help you out!

Short Term Needs

For most of us we don’t want to move into a cluttered house.  That’s what we are moving out of.  You may want to just plan for a short term storage unit, perhaps for a month or three.  Then, as you are planning your move, say to yourself, can I park this in the storage unit until I decide where to put it?  Perhaps there are seasonal items that can be stored for a little while.  The goal here is to speed your set up into your new home and then give yourself time to decide where stuff should go.

Once you get moved into your new home, you may enjoy the video below.  It contains tips on organizing your new home.  Check it out.

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