Exit 417 Self Storage Size Guide

So you’ve decided that you need to get a storage unit in Dandridge or Jefferson City.

Since you’ve decided to go the route of self storage you now have to select the size of the storage unit.  Units come in a number of sizes.  If you looking for a Jefferson City Storage Unit, or a Storage Unit in Dandrige, this guide will help.

This guide will help you decide.

10′ X 10′

This is easy math.  A 10′ X 10′ storage unit  is 100 square feet of space for self storage.  This is basically the size of a relatively small bedroom.   You could use this self storage unit to store a small amount of furnishings, or a number of boxes.

Many of our customers choose a 10’ x 10” storage unit when you just need “a little more space.”

10′ X 15′

A 10′ X 15′ unit is also available at Exit 417 Self Storage.    This size unit gives you 150 square feet of self storage space.  Think about the size of a large bedroom and that should help you visualize.

If you are moving out of a one bedroom apartment, you can probably use this size storage unit.   Of course you may want to store furniture and boxes in a unit of this size.

We have a fairly small number of these units available from time to time.

10′ X 20′

A 10′ X 20′ size unit will provide for you 200 square feet of storage space.  This is probably our most popular self storage space.  If you visualize a one car garage you will roughly have the size of this unit in your mind.

As mentioned, this is a popular size because you can easily store furniture, furnishings, and boxes in this unit.

10′ X 30′

A 10′ X 30′ size unit is the largest we have to offer.  Our largest unite gives you 300 square feet of storage space.   This is roughly the size of two (2) large bedrooms.  If you are moving out of a house and need to store your furnishings for a while, this is probably a good choice.

You may want to select this size storage unit so you have room to grow in the future.

For businesses, this can give you inexpensive upsizing of your current facility.

We trust you have found this self storage guide helpful when you are selecting your Dandridge or Jefferson City storage unit.

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