Self Storage Tips: Unclutter Your Garage

If you’re embarrassed when your guests arrive and your garage door is up, perhaps it is time to unclutter your garage.

In just one weekend you can turn chaos into order even if you do not need to secure storage units in Jefferson City at 417 Exit Storage on Milldale Road.  Before you start your project, think about what you are really trying to achieve.  Are you just going to “re-order” the contents of your garage, recognizing that very soon you will likely have the same clutter you have today?  Or, are to going to move seldom used items out of the garage over to an offsite location so that you’ll have more room in garage every day?

Now might be a good time to consider alternate storage and organization solutions.

You can consider hanging systems for garden tools, bikes or ladders.  Depending on your level of commitment you may even consider new cabinets or shelving.

After considering the options, its time to get started sorting through all the stuff.

Begin by groupings items by category.  For example, consider the following groupings:

  • Gardening tools and supplies
  • Sports and hobby gear
  • Seasonal items like holiday decorations
  • Tools and hardware miscellaneous supplies like
  • Automotive items and paint
  • Garbage and recycling

Also considering a group of discardable items.  These are the things you want to get rid of.  Sort them in two piles:   recycle or donate.  Place the trash and recycling in a place that is near where you can access them from the house.  Be sure that the garbage is placed in sealed containers.

Now survey the garage.  You want the items you use most often to be the most accessible.  Christmas and other holiday decorations do not need to be so accessible.

Consider putting the automotive and paint items nearest to the door.  This makes a lot of sense especially if you work on the car out in the driveway.

If you are keeping a lot of sports gear that the kids no longer use, just because you don’t want to get rid of  perhaps  these would be good items to place in a self storage facility.  For recreation and sports equipment there are a number of shelving systems available.  You might also consider a free standing unit designed for this very purpose.  You may even consider putting the bicycle overhead (obviously near the front of the garage).

Finally, try to finish one group at a time.  Once complete, sit down and just look at your garage.  You’ve had a day well spent.

Plus, no need to be embarrassed when guests meander out to the garage.

So if you are looking for a storage units in Jefferson City, be sure to visit us at 417 Exit Storage, 301 Milldale Road, Jefferson City, Tennessee.  We are located less than a mile from Exit 417 on I-40.

Call 865-654-0323 to rent your unit today.






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